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Training Needs Assessment Report

This document presents the results of the Training Needs Assessment carried out in the framework of the PACE project. The TNA aims to identify the level of knowledge of enforcement agents from 23 EU Member States and 3 Candidate Countries (Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia) on the EU data protection framework, as well as gaps and practical barriers to GDPR-compliant civil enforcement. The results of the TNA will serve as a solid evidence base for the development of a targeted, timely and relevant training programme for EAs, including the training of EAs as trainers.

Practical Guide for data protection in civil enforcement

This Guide aims to underline the basic provisions and principles that every Data Controller and Data Processor should be aware of, in order to protect any personal data in the context of their everyday tasks and duties. The Guide describes the basic definitions concerning personal data, as well as the basic principles and rules provided by the law, through simple examples. In addition, different cases of data breaches are being mentioned and simple measures of safety are being suggested. The Guide is addressed to enforcement agents from different countries, it thus focuses on the general provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 which are applicable despite the presence – or even the absence- of more specific provisions in each state.