Welcome to the Pace project website, a continuation of the Enforcement Atlas project

The project PACE “Creating privacy awareness in civil enforcement”, examines the intersection of civil enforcement and data protection, aiming to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU law in civil enforcement procedures. To achieve this, smart, evidence-based training courses will be designed, over 300 judicial officers from the 26 MS plus 4 candidate states (Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro) will be trained, and a core team of multipliers of knowledge will be created.

The project responds to needs which emanated from previous initiatives and is a continuation of the highly successful EU Enforcement Atlas project. Our website retains and enriches the material thus produced, and is addressed mainly to judicial officers, their professional associations, the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ), training providers at national and EU level, legal professionals and authorities.

We invite you to explore structured information on enforcement procedures, related legislation, practices, expenses and professionals across the EU enforcement systems, presented and compared in a user-friendly and accessible way; an evidence-based report on challenges and gaps related to data protection in civil enforcement proceedings in the EU; a Practical Guide, consolidating data protection standards in a practical way, including case studies, good practices and technical measures for data protection by design and by default.

You are welcome to explore more information on the project and partners, to access the training material and e-courses, and follow our international events.